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Our Specialties

Your business relies on efficient and robust systems.
You need to get your software development right the first time, because downtime is expensive.

Systems Integration

Using multiple systems that cannot communicate with each other, or using spreadsheets to accommodate business needs, can be a colossal waste of your valuable time. We design custom software solutions that can integrate with your existing third party software and eliminate the need to use spreadsheets and disparate systems.

Business Process Automation

Our goal is to make your business run like a finely tuned machine. A custom software solution enables streamlined communication, increased accountability, reduced errors and easier progress tracking. Your custom software solution will provide a more productive and efficient environment for your employees by automating customer service, payroll, contacts, document management and many other areas of your business.

Experience counts

We anticipate problems. You may never see them, but because we know what to look for we catch and fix isues early. Our expertise translates into efficiency for your project. This all adds up to a cost-effective and reliable solution for your business. We'll help you understand how your custom software application will improve your business. We'll communicate with you in clear and straightforward English - not techno-babble.


The majority of successful hacking attempts performed on businesses are as a result of hackers exploiting known software vulnerabilities in commonly-used software. Your team's security is important; using a custom software solution greatly reduces the chance of intrusion as it's not exposed to users of multiple companies.

Cloud-based solutions

Cloud-based solutions provide reliability, automatic updates, increased collaboration, security and automated backups. We leverage Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and private clouds for our clients based on your preferences and specific solution requirements.


The growth of your business brings new requirements; we build custom software solutions that are scalable. Your business growth should not be limited by your software and our solutions can be easily adapted to a more comprehensive product as your business needs dictate.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy.
Just contact us for a phone appointment.

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We'll listen to what you want to achieve. If it sounds like a good fit, then we'll set up a needs analysis meeting. We'll get to know each other so we can understand the general scope of the project.

You'll want to know about: how your security needs and sensitive data are to be handled; anticipated length of project, resource needs, testing, how we set project stages and quality assurance.

After your initial needs analysis, together, we'll create a project plan. We may look at several alternatives and then decide upon the best solution for your business.

Each client is different, but you can expect working with us to be easy, efficient and respectful. Let's talk about your expectations. Call us at (929)-277-1786 to schedule an appointment.

About Us

Automating Businesses Since 2005.

We are based on Long Island, New York with an additional office in the Seattle area. Since 2005 we have been applying cutting-edge technology to automate various business functions, and in doing so we've helped all of our clients save time and money so they can grow their businesses. We love what we do and build our long lasting client relationships on trust and honesty; if we can't help you, we won't pretend that we can just to earn your business. We specialize in custom software and we are committed to giving you only the very best customer service.

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